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I'm Calm with MyCalm

I've been taking this magic potion daily for over 3 weeks; though it says to dilute a few drops in a drink; I tend to take it direct (love the taste of peppermint). I don't want to sound cliched but can only reiterate what many of the other reviews have stated - those few drops make all the difference. A good night's sleep with a relaxed frame of thought is what every woman who has a hectic work/life, needs and this helps you achieve just that. I am usually skeptical about quick fix solutions on the market as they treat one thing but upset another - but up until now, and 3 weeks on, I'm not feeling an imbalance of anything (i.e. upset stomach). A small bottle goes a long way; the best 22.99 I've spent to date! Thanks MyCalm

I haven't slept this well in YEARS!

I purchased My Calm as I was interested in the claims that ashwagandha can aid sleep naturally. I'm not a bad sleeper as such, but I do struggle to get to sleep (and can't get up in the morning as a result). I'm only a week into taking My Calm now and I honestly can't believe how good I feel when I wake up in the morning. I feel totally refreshed and every night's sleep is fabulous.

Aside from that, I think it's genuinely helped me stay composed when things get a little hectic at work (I'm prone to stressing out and feeling overwhelmed at times). I love mixing it with my peppermint tea at night and diluting it with some water and a little bit of juice in the day.
Thank you My New Mood - you've just gained a loyal customer!

My calm

This was great to use before bed, had a few drops in my drink and i did manage to get a good night sleep. I tend to have anxiety and night terrors but slept peacefully last night. I would recommend this product.

I just wanted to say that the My Calm is so much nicer than any other that I've tried. I can't wait to try it with a little water and lemon tomorrow morning. My hormone specialist recommended daily ashwagandha for PMDD. This product going to make it very easy to take! 💗

Helps me on days I feel stressed

Taking this any day that I find myself feeling stressed has made a noticeable difference! Really great product.

Sunshine and Showers

So pleased with how much My Calm supplement drops have helped calm my anxiety during my bad days. I put a few drops in my herbed tea each morning but if I’m having a really tough day, I’ll have it with a small glass of water instead for a faster effect. Highly recommend ☺️🙌

Have not felt so good in years

As I came closer to my forties, I realised I wasnt not the happy calm person i use to be. This is when i started researching into natural organic products, I read everywhere about the benefits of ashwagandha. I ordered My Calm drops and have been using them for over a month now, the difference in my mood is unbelieve. I feel relaxed, calm and in control, this has made our home a much happier place. Highly recommend

Superb product!

I suffer from extreme PMS related mood swings. I've been taking My Calm when I'm feeling really frustrated and it almost instantly makes me feel calmer and more in control. Amazing!


Currently ovulating, and as soon as I woke I could feel the heaviness on my chest, I suffer with PMDD. Took with water and within minutes I could feel relieve! Thank you so much x

Great product to have on toolkit

Great for anxiety, can just keep it in your bag and take a drop when needed. Good that it alcohol free and the peppermint's a nice touch. Thanks

So amazing!

Has improved my sleeping immensely and given no side effects. Would definitely recommend.

Amazingly fast working

I have been battling stress and anxiety for some time and have been taking the mood balance complex which has been great. I thought I would try this as have heard great things about Ashwagandha for stress relief. A few minutes after taking this my mind feels so calm and relaxed its hard to explain the feeling. It also tastes really nice which is a plus.

Great product!

I take My Calm when I'm really stressed and it gives me a sense of calm instantly. I can feel my muscles loosening and just feel relaxed.

Miracle drops

I have only been using this extract for a few days but I have found that it really helps ease my anxiety and helps me manage my mood swings. Will be buying more!

Instantly calmer

I've just started to use My Calm and I literally felt it work after the first day!!! I felt much calmer. It's easy to take in a drink and doesn't taste bad! I suffer terribly with my hormones and based on how much calmer I've instantly felt I'm hopefuI I will see a difference after continued use! I highly recommend you try this!!

Game changer

This has given me such a lift and taken my stress levels down tenfold. I can focus so much better and cope. Love that I’m taking something natural too. LOVE my calm!!!

Best sleep I've had

I've always struggled to get good sleep. Since taking My Calm my sleep is so much better and deeper. I take it in the evening directly in my mouth and I feel much more relaxed and get a goodnights sleep.

Life changer

My Calm has been a life changer for me, it instantly makes my mood swings better so I can feel normal again. I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from mood swings.

So happy to have found My New Mood

I am so happy to have found My New Mood. The Mood Balance Complex capsules have made a huge difference to my life, they really take the edge off the mood swings and anxiety I feel around the time of my period. Safe to say my kids and husband also appreciate “my new mood”!

I was sceptical but...

I've struggled with depression on and off my whole life, and have been on and off antidepressants. I was most recently prescribed them when my youngest child's was about 5 months. After a couple of years I came off them because i didn't like how i felt whilst taking them. Around the same time i started tracking my moods and noticed that it was only 2 days a month that I felt really awful, with quite terrible intrusive thoughts... they happened to be the 2 days before my period starts. So I Googled! I realised I had pre menstrual dysphoric syndrome, as the rest of the month I felt pretty good on the whole. I was sceptical about these supplements but was frankly willing to try anything! I've ven taking one a day for about two months. My most recent period took me by surprise, so used was I to know it was coming by two days of crying and awful thoughts. That was when I realised i hadn't had that this time round! It might be a coincidence but I suspect not!

A dream product!

I suffer from PMDD (a severe form of pms) and suffer terribly every month with mood swings, fatigue, migraines, anxiety and depression. I started taking these a few months ago and I can genuinely say that my monthly ‘hell week’ has been much more bearable! I have tried a lot of supplements and remedies but these are the best! They really take the edge off my anxiety and help me get a better nights sleep too

Takes the edge off

I had been feeling really stressed and anxious recently - the lockdowns haven't helped.  I'd been snapping at the kids and getting angry and frustrated for small things.  I bought the Mood product because I heard that adaptogens help the body deal with stress.  I have to say the supplements have worked amazing for me.  I feel a lot more relaxed, less edgy and able to cope better. Highly recommend!

Stress busting cocktail

I have been taking Ashwagandha for some time but recently heard that combining ashwagandha with other adaptogens provides the most benefits.  I then started to buy maca and rhodiola too but buying multiple supplements was costing a lot.  I bought the mood balance complex because it has so many amazing adaptogens all in one.  It's ingredients are literally a stress busting cocktail!

A positive me!

I’m a middle aged woman who has been suffering from endometriosis for over a decade now. As part of my treatment I’ve been having injections to stop my periods. Hence I have been experiencing all the symptoms of menopause. It’s early days but since starting My New Mood supplements for mood balance and body complex I’ve noticed a positive change in my mood and feel more relaxed and calm. I'm also sleeping much better. I am keen to carry on with these products in the hope that they continue to do for me what they are doing now.
Thank you My New Mood for this great initiative.

Tired of being tired

I always feel tired physically. I have tried a few supplements but none worked. I have been taking Body Balance for 3 weeks and it just works. I feel stronger and better able to deal with my day. The fact that it is all natural is fantastic and I will continue to take it