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What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens do what the name suggests - they help the body to adapt. These powerful herbs and roots have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese Medicine and in the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. As biological response modifiers (BRMs) adaptogens revive the body’s natural ability to cope with stress and better equip us to function properly. We can think of each as having a different personality. They can ground us, soothe us and energise us. Whatever adjustment you might need to recalibrate, physically and emotionally, adaptogens can help you to get there.

How can adaptogens help you?

Everyone can feel better from the broad-reaching benefits of adaptogens, so how do you know which will work for you? We’re complex beings and there is no one size fits all. Adaptogens are synergistic; put simply, they work best in combination. Our blends have been developed by expert nutritionists for women using high quality ingredients. They include Ashwagandha, Maca, Rhodiola, Astralalgus, Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, Turmeric and others. These herbs and roots specifically help to improve women’s hormonal health and to soothe the symptoms associated with monthly mood shifts, PMS and PMDD.