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Natural Adaptogen Supplements for PMDD

Powerful natural herbs and treatment to help hormonal imbalance.

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I suffer from PMDD (a severe form of PMS) and I'm looking for natural remedy for PMDD. I suffer terribly every month with mood swings, fatigue, migraines, anxiety and depression. I started taking these a few months ago and I can genuinely say that my monthly ‘hell week’ has been much more bearable! I have tried a lot of supplements and remedies but these are the best! They really take the edge off my anxiety and help me get a better nights sleep too.


I have been taking Ashwagandha for some time but recently heard that combining ashwagandha with other adaptogens provides the most benefits.  I then started to buy maca and rhodiola too but buying multiple supplements was costing a lot.  I bought the mood balance complex because it has so many amazing adaptogens all in one.  It's ingredients are literally a stress busting cocktail!


I’m a middle aged woman who has been suffering from endometriosis for over a decade now. As part of my treatment I’ve been having injections to stop my periods. Hence I have been experiencing all the symptoms of menopause. It’s early days but since starting My New Mood supplements for mood balance and body complex I’ve noticed a positive change in my mood and feel more relaxed and calm. I'm also sleeping much better. I am keen to carry on with these products in the hope that they continue to do for me what they are doing now.


My new mood has been transformational for me.  I have been struggling with mood swings and fatigue for so many years. Only women who experience such PMS symptoms know how dehabilitating it can be. Ritually, I always purchase the latest medicinal or herbal product on the market claiming to be the next best fix for PMS, but I don’t really get anywhere. The mood balance complex tablets l tried however have been effective from my first cycle , allowing me to feel more relaxed, steady and energised in the lead up and in the onset of my period. I also love that all the ingredients are natural.


I had been feeling really stressed and anxious recently - the lockdowns haven't helped.  I'd been snapping at the kids and getting angry and frustrated for small things.  I bought the Mood product because I heard that adaptogens help the body deal with stress.  I have to say the supplements have worked amazing for me.  I feel a lot more relaxed, less edgy and able to cope better. Highly recommend!


PMDD, PMS Natural Supplements

Developed by expert nutritionists using high quality natural supplement ingredients, our unique formula has the best blend of adaptogens and vitamins for women to help hormonal imbalance.

Ultimate Mood Booster

Miracle herbs in one capsule. Our Mood Balance Complex contains nine different types of adaptogens and Vitamin B6.



100% Natural. Adaptogens are powerful herbs and roots that support hormonal changes in women. Used for centuries they can help boost mood and energy, reduce anxiety and soothe physical symptoms associated with women’s menstrual cycles.


ASHWAGANDHA the king of herbs, combats the stress response in the body by reducing cortisol levels and supporting the adrenal system.

ASTRAGALUS is used in traditional Chinese medicine in supporting the immune system and reducing fatigue by increasing oxygen uptake.

GINSENG regulates immune responses and hormonal changes due to stress. It’s natural calming properties help to regulate mental functions.

MACA is a Peruvian root, used for centuries to reduce feelings of anxiety and to increase energy and libido. 

LICORICE helps the body to respond to stress by supporting the adrenal gland and helping to increase cortisol levels. 

RHODIOLA is also known as golden root, has been shown to alleviate depression and improve memory and mental fatigue.

REISHI MUSHROOM combats insomnia by supporting your natural sleep pattern and helps to regulate hormonal imbalances. 

SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS is a vine-grown red berry which has been shown to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress while improving memory functions.

GOTU KOLA is known as a calm-energy adaptogen.

VITAMIN B6 helps the body to create serotonin which can boost mood and relieve stress.

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My Story

“I founded My New Mood after finally discovering a natural miracle that helped with my severe PMDD symptoms.” Annie Mayet, Founder.
Following the birth of my second child seven years ago, I started to suffer from what seemed like PMS on steroids. My life turned upside down - a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde roller coaster that burdened me to the point of crippling depression. After being diagnosed with an extreme form of PMS called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) I conducted painstaking research, trying every natural treatment I could find.

Natural Mood Supplements for PMS

We offer Natural Mood Supplements that focus on improving overall well-being, boost energy, promoting stress-relief and relaxation, and managing symptoms associated with women’s menstrual cycles. You may contact us for more detailed information about the products.

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